Create Something Dynamic and Beautiful.

Rock the web in your own way… Create your own website. You have ideas, but you don’t have the funds to hire a professional web developer/ designer to do the job? Why not take things in your own hands for now? Why not do it yourself? Use built-in website builder or software with thousands of free already-made themes to get online in a few minutes.

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Small Business, Big Ideas, Immense Vision.

That feeling of achievement hits different when you finally figured it out and can testify that you were able to get it done as well. Fulfilment in life comes gradually and from little or big accomplishment.

Create Website - eCommerce - Online Store
Create Website - Online Store - Shop
Create Website - Online Store - eCommerce


The possibilities are many with our built-in site builder/software. Extend the capabilities of your website with powerful extensions or plugins to make it work like you want and meet your idea, business or organization’s needs.
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Unlike other web solutions companies who put a limit on how many pages you can create in your website per each plan, you can create unlimited web pages in your website with this website builder.

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Connect your website to your Social Media pages in order to easily drive traffic or visitors to your pages and help supporters or customers follow you on Social Networks.

Responsive Mobile Compatible Website - KOAHNET


Create a responsive site, or a website that is compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Whichever device your visitors are using they can easily browse your website or blog.

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Free Themes


How about some beautiful free templates or themes you can quickly install and create nice layouts to present your website to the world in a majestic way? Enjoy the free templates or themes to create your website.


This is your website toolbox right here. Every fundamental software you need to build your web, the themes, the extensions you need to integrate dynamic features are all built-in your hosting, and clicks away to install.
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Create and Host

One of the multiple questions we often receive from small businesses/ organizations to individuals is, “How can I create my own website?”. Well, the answer is, yes, you can! If you don’t have enough funds to hire a professional web developer/ designer to do the job, you’re at the right place and at the right time.

Built-In Web Tools - KOAHNET

Built-In Web Tools

The built-in website builder applications make it easy to create and customize your best website with no technical or coding knowledge required. Best of all, your website will be responsive or mobile-friendly. Choose from thousands of free or premium themes/templates to create your blog, website, online store.

Easy Management - KOAHNET

Easy Management

Not only do you have the website tools you need to easily create/build an awesome website, but managing it also is done without pulling your hair. Easily update, remove and add new contents, texts, photos, videos, products… Etc whenever needed. Need to backup your website? No problem. Just use the built-in backup feature to save a copy of your site.


We Provide the Web Tools and Services.
You Build Your Online Presence.

Boost your website or web application with the necessary resources it needs to perform smoothly.
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Get Online Fast

Same day online presence! Set up your website as soon as your service is ready and start customizing with your logo, company name, images and videos to meet deadlines.

Free Website Templates - themes - KOAHNET

Beautiful Themes/Templates

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Powerful Features

Built-in great features to create the type of website, blog, or portfolio you want. But if that’s not enough, there are thousands of plugins available to extend the functionalities of your website.


You have many gains by using our services to build your own website

Our aim is to make it so easy for anyone to be able to create their website if they cannot afford a professional designer.
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Fast Availability

With so many website building applications right in your hosting panel, building and designing your own website has never been that fast. Just decide on the right application to use depending on what you want to use the website for… Blog, forum, business or organization, eCommerce/ online store. Add your domain name, install and start customizing to your looks and feel.

Easy Management - KOAHNET

Easy Management

Don’t have any web development degree or experience? No worries. Our web hosting tools/ applications will help you do it. That’s right! Yes, you can also brag that you built your own website without apologies… It’s for any skill level, we take the hassle out of building a website. Just pick your design, add your text, drag and drop any image you want and that’s it! You’re ready to publish.

Feature Packed Web Hosting - KOAHNET

Feature Packed

When we say fully loaded, that’s exactly what it’s. We have put at your disposal the best web tools/ applications in the world for you to use them for the benefits of your business or organization. Each plan comes packed with everything you need to build a feature-rich website in order to reach your goals. And if that’s not enough, you have access to repositories to quickly install additional features to power-up your website.


$ 2.99
1 Website
20 GB Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
50 Email Accounts
50 MySQL Databases (1 GB ea.)
$ 6.99
1 Website
100 GB Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
100 Email Accounts
100 MySQL Databases (1 GB ea.)
$ 12.99
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
500 Email Accounts
500 MySQL Databases (1 GB ea.)
$ 19.99
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Space
Accelerated Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases

eCommerce Made Easy

Build an eCommerce or Online store With free (open source) software in just a few clicks. Set up different types of payment and shipping methods. Your store will be integrated into your website. You can enable payment methods such as PayPal, Google Pay, Square, Apple Pay and more. You can create coupons and offers as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you may need answers to some quick questions in order to make the right quick decisions about your online endeavors. So we have made it available right here. Should you need further clarifications or support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do I Really Need A Website ?

Yes. Business has gone online currently, people looking for your kind of services are turning to the internet now to search for that with their personal computers or mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. So if you don’t have an online presence, your business might not be found by potential customers. Also, the way search engines such as Google, Bing and many others work, if you have a website for your business this could help in linking and redirecting your other online ads to your website for customers to get more information and do business with you.

I'm Not Technical, Can I Do It?

No worries. Not everybody creating a website is a Pro. And even with limited technical skills, you can create something for yourself if you don’t have funds to hire a professional web designer/ developer.

The most important things are to have the will and time to spend doing that. And with our built-in over 150 website building applications with one click installation software and already-made templates or themes, you can build yourself a descent and presentable website for yourself. If you need a hand or support about something, feel free to contact our support for information on how to do that.

How Can I Get Started?

First, you will need to buy the service, and once bought, you can set up your site hosting and install the free (open source) website builder of your choice such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, Magento and many more. You would ask how about if you don’t know what to do or where to start after you bought the “Do it yourself service”? No worries. Just contact us and we can set up everything for you and show you where to start.

Can I Customize My Site Without Coding?

Yes. And that’s sweet! You will have an extension in your dashboard which you can use to customize your website’s pages with text, images, icons, videos and more. You have the option to customize your website based on your business needs. You can add site content wherever you would like in different sections. Add logo, company name, beautiful photo gallery, video galleries, menus, price lists, contact forms, maps, social media connections– Each section in your website is customizable. You’ll also have the ability to use Google fonts for fantastic titles or headings.

How Can I Keep My Website Secure?

With our Website Builder plans, your website is secure with standard SSL Certificate. However, you can buy a higher level SSL Certificate and Website Security services as an extra layer of security. Securing your website is not only your benefit as a site owner, but your customers or site visitors as well. The SSL Certificate and Website Security programs establish an an encrypted connection between your web server and the browser of the person visiting your site. At that moment, all data transfer will be kept secure and private; which is important if you want visitors to your site to be safe. If you want to sell products or services online, it’s imperative that you consider securing your website as well to protect credit or debit card and bank information from being intercepted by hackers.

Can I Create Online Store?

Yes. You can create an online store to sell products and services on your website. You will have an online store capability that will allow you to add products and services, set up different types of payment and shipping methods. Your store will be integrated into your website. You can enable payment methods such as PayPal, Google Pay, Square, Apple Pay and more. You can create coupons and offers as well.